The Top Paying Slots

As a casino player, if you want to have the perfect shot at winning slots, then you need to take a few essential steps. First, you have to understand what RTP (Return To Player) is of a particular slot machine. This is a term that online casinos use to describe the amount of money a slot machine will pay the player at the end of the game. To break it down, it basically means the money put back to the player from slots. Online casinos like za-onlinecasino calculate RTP over a long period of time, so the highs and lows are all evened out. You should also find out how well the RTP scale rates with that of other casinos.

The higher the Return To Player, the more favorite the odds are for winning that slot. Some online slots begin with a relatively higher Return On Player but fade away as years go by. There are some slots, however, that start with a decent Return To Player and get them boasted as time goes by. For instance, artscapesgroup, a popular slot from Gobtech, increased in 2011 to being one of the highest RTP slot ever. This laid the groundwork for more slots to come into play. In recent years, it has become one of the most recommended slots in the market. More and more slots are , however, growing in popularity and providing stiff competition to the mentioned slot.


Ugga Bugga Slot from Playtech

Playtech is responsible for a good number of good performing slots in the market today. Ugga Bugga, for instance, is an excellent slot and most rewarding ever. For gamblers that have been in the casino games for a long time, you will agree that this slot is a game changer. It has 3 reels and more than 9 paylines. Each one of the lines has slots placed inside. This means that the ten lines have been placed with reels either way. When you progress with the game, it will naturally increase the number of reels. The slot is packed with several interesting features and relevant symbols. According to the designers of this slot, inspiration was derived from ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures.

In addition, low paying shapes are structures like blowing horns and timpani. Apart from the high payment estimations, this slot has lucrative user friendly services and relatively low volatility. The most recognisable stars of this slot are Wild and Hold feature. Again, Play tech has a much more resounding evolvement in Ugga Bugga slot given the high technological advances involved. Being one of the best performing slots in the market, Ugga has unceasingly been on demand among players. The high reliability and amazing payout has made it become the best slot in the business. The 10 paylines make it easier for a player to withdraw their cash. The process has been made much more better by the short period of time the user accesses their money.

Ocean Princes Slot from Playtech

If there is anything online casino players will never get enough of is this aquatic game slot from Playtech slot makers. The key slot reviewer is a beautiful and animated mermaid. The mermaid has sidekicks that include fish, sea turtles and lobsters. This video slot involves a players swimming the mermaid deep in the blue ocean and re-spin her functionality. For a player to earn a thousand times bet wins, he or she has to aim and land three wild symbols. If you are in search of smaller amounts, then you can aim for the starfish. For 75× your bet, you are recommended to place three green starfish. On the other hand, if you want a 100× of your bet, go for the three yellows.

Ocean is a fantastic slot from Play tech with very unique features. It has great bonuses and one of the best Return to Player percentages. To clarify this, 99% of RTP only comes into play when a gambler is engaging in a big bet mode— these are bets you spend £100 or more. This slot is full of extra wilds, multipliers, sticky wilds and free spins. It works best for high stake players who are looking for a huge win potential and the best Return to Player. Indeed, fresh slots with fascinatingly more payouts have been established across many casinos. Knowing the ones that offer higher payouts will help you make the most of online gambling.